Image of SAGA office


At the intersection of imagination and practicality lies our vision of architecture, turning dreams into reality. Meticulously sculpted through a fine balance of art and data. Our commitment is to shape environments that inspire, connect, and improve human well-being.


Our space architecture focuses on human well-being. We adapt Earth-centric design principles to make space feel like home. Influenced by human evolutionary needs.


We create architecture for planet Earth, aiming to enhance lives by pushing the limits of conventional forms, informed by space, technology, and the local environment.

Develops the technology necessary to make dreams into reality. Crafting hardware, firmware, and software. We explore and innovate.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” - Arthur C. Clarke

Image of Lunark habitat

We design spaces for humans to thrive, not just suvive

Image of various prototypes from DAC exhibition

Workshop & Fabrication

At the heart of our office lies our expansive workshop space. Seamlessly connected to our design studio, this area is a dynamic hub of creativity and innovation, from crude plywood mockups to flight-proven space technology. It includes a large assembly hall, fully equipped for constructing full-scale structures, allowing our ideas to take physical form.

The metal workshop enables a wide range of metalworking. A small machine shop, stocked with a full-bed CNC and laser cutter, makes it possible to build full-scale mock-ups or elements for houses and habitats.

Our 3D-printing lab, equipped with five Prusa printers, facilitates the fabrication of architectural models, component housing, and rapid prototyping.

The electronics workshop is where the underlying technology is developed and tested.

This fusion of a traditional workshop with advanced manufacturing technology is part of our DNA. Here, we test, iterate, and validate our designs, giving us the confidence to continually push the boundaries of architecture and design. In our workshop, every sketch and concept is given the opportunity to evolve into a tangible, tested reality.

Sebastian in the SAGA office


Our architectural and design philosophy is dubbed Terra-Tech. ‘Terra,’ meaning ‘earth,’ and ‘tech,’ short for ‘technology,’ encapsulate our core belief: technology can lead us to solutions as elegant and functional as those found in nature. We utilize advanced tools, from topology optimization and generative design to 3D-printing and holographic assembly. Yet, we maintain profound respect for our biological, social, and cultural roots. Technology is a tool to enhance, not dominate, our creations. Nature often serves as our muse. Nothing beats the design process of millions of years of evolution.

Why Outer Space

Space habitation and extra-terrestrial living are critical for human advancement. Halting exploration means stalling progress. Our focus is human-centric exploration, integrating mental well-being and social sustainability as a part of the life-support systems.

Tabula Rasa

We disregard all assumptions of what architecture is and always start with a clean slate. Our goal is to uncover architecture's essential truths.. Striving for cultural sustainability, we prioritize materiality, social necessities, and compelling architecture.

Our aim is not survival, but to make people thrive.

Sebastian inspecting the UHAB pilot habitat


In our vision of architecture, sustainability is not a compromise. We want to build a rich and stimulating life in and around our buildings. Sustainability should spark excitement; It's an opportunity to innovate and reimagine our interaction with the world.

To create the architecture of the future we need to change the way we build. It'sabout challenging the status quo, pushing beyond traditional boundaries to find solutions that are not just viable, but also scalable.

Our approach is deeply rooted in nature, drawing inspiration from its efficiency and resilience. We harness advancements in architecture, blending them with the possibilities of digital fabrication, material science, and computational design. This fusion allows us to create spaces and structures that are efficient – environmentally, socially, and economically. It's about crafting a future where sustainable living is not just an option but a compelling and natural choice.