Architectural Services

Photo: Kim Høltermand

Design for Outer Space

We are domain experts within the field of space architecture. With our award-winning habitat designs we have positioned ourselves as the leading studio in the emerging field of space habitat architecture.

Extreme environments

Building on our experience in the remote arctic and desert environment, we specialize in designing human outposts for extreme environments on Earth. We can help you with developing analog habitats, research facilities and similar structures.

High-tech interior design

We develop smart technological solutions for interior design to enhance well-being, such as ODIN, our habitat interface and sensor network, and our Circadian Light Panel which mimic the light spectrum of the sky.

3D-printed buildings

We design 3D-printed buildings and as a founding partner of 3DCP GROUP we have printed the largest concrete structure in Scandinavia. 3D-printing buildings is an emerging technology that we believe will revolutionize the construction industry, both on Earth and eventually in Space.

Rendering & Animation


Being able to visualize a concept is an important part of our work. We create renderings to present a design to a client as well as provide rendering as a standalone service for creators who want to visualize a design they have made.

See relevant work here.


We have made animations ranging from flying cars made by Silverwing to Argotecs cubesat that was launched on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in November 2021.

See relevant work here.

Technical Services

Software Development

Our inhouse programmers develop software that controls the systems of our analog habitats we develop.

Hardware Development

Having electronic engineering capabilities on the team, we are able to prototype hardware for analog habitats.