A Moon Habitat Analog

In 2024 humans will land on the Moon again

LUNARK is a deployable Moon habitat

Tested on a 3-month analog mission 1000 km north of the Polar circle

Deployable Structure

In order to save space during transport and maximize space for the astronauts, the habitat is deployable. It features a closed origami shell comprised of rigid carbon fiber panels. The design has been algorithmically optimized resulting in a measured expansion of 750%.

Karl-Johan sitting at his desk inside the Habitat writing in his notebook

Designed for Humans

If we are to have a prolonged presence on the Moon, our astronauts must thrive; not just survive. A key factor for psychological and physical well-being is the need for a stable circadian rhythm, which the Moon lacks due to it’s 28 day-night cycle. Our custom-made Circadian Light Panels bathe the interiors in pseudo-natural daylight, accurately emulating the subtle hourly variations of natural daylight here on Earth.

Simulation astronaut walking outside in the monotonous snowy landscape

The Analog Mission

From September to November the habitat was tested on an analog Moon mission. The mission took place near Moriusaq - Greenland in the high arctic. Sebastian Aristotelis and Karl-Johan Sørensen deployed the habitat and lived in it for 60 days, completely isolated. During the expedition, the habitat sustained a comfortable living environment while enduring Hurricane scale winds, snow-storms, and temperatures down to -30°C.


LUNARK was made possible by more than 50 partners. These partners provided us with consultancy, construction materials, electronic equipment, and a wide array of other mission-critical products and services. These are the companies who stood by our side and helped the mission come to life.

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Karl in our metal workshop

Built In-house

We are privileged to have our office and workshop under the same roof in the co-working space, Betafactory. This allowed us to do everything in-house - from conceptualization and drawing to manufacturing and assembly. Want to know more about how we constructed the LUNARK Habitat?