Image of mirador pavilion exterior

Mirador Pavilion

Nestled on a Guatemalan cliff, the Mirador Pavilion, whose name translates to "lookout" in Spanish, offers a vast view of the lush mountains. Standing as the grandest 3D-printed structure in Central America, it's a testament to blending modern technology with traditional building culture.

Image of mirador pavilion interior
Image of mirador pavilion exterior, with view of patio
Image of mirador pavilion interior, from outside doorway
Image of mirador pavilion entrance

Traditional Roof

Shaded by an authentic "Rancho Roof", the pavilion pays homage to local craftsmanship. Timber for the roof was sourced directly from the adjacent area, and it's crowned with palm tree leaves, a touch that connects the structure to its surroundings.

Image of mirador pavilion ceiling

16 hours print time

The paw

Inspired by the Puma paw and view of the jungle, this pavilion is build in remote Guatemala via 3D-printing, traditional craftsmanship, and local materials as the way to build this remote.

Puma cabin floorplan drawing

Capturing the view

Sketches of mirador pavilion

3D print & local craftsmanship

Image of mirador pavilion print in progress