7 living modules floating on water

SEANICS is a flexible, modular space, which activates the water’s potential for new recreational environments. Whether it is a floating meeting room, or a complete island solution, or a remote summerhouse, SEANICS ambition is to bring people closer to nature.

STATUS:   In progress

LOCATION: On water - anywhere

Hotel module


Garage module


Restaurant module


Utility module


Cabana module


Summerhouse module


Studio module


"At SEANICS®️, we are incredibly pleased with the collaboration with SAGA. SAGA develop all our visualizations for our concept and product. It is heavy and complicated work that they manage to lift to the highest degree. The importance of their efforts is of great value to our work with sales and marketing in SEANICS®️"

Design philosophy

We designed seven modules with a focus on spatial optimization, materiality and daylight. Each module is carefully planned for it’s unique purpose. The modules can be used individually or put together in clusters, like floating villages.

They are 100% electric, well insulated for cold climates and completely weather resistant.

Sustainably built

Seanics has developed an innovative and highly sustainable composite material which is 100% biomaterial, made from 30% flax linen and 70% basalt fibres. The biocomposite hull structure is resistant to corrosion and welcomes the natural fortification of marine growths.

Studio module

Restaurant module

Summerhouse module