Render of skovsporet courtyard


Skovsporet is a student village in Holstebro, Denmark consisting of 36 ground-level apartments. When completed each of the houses will be some of the largest 3D-printed houses in the world.

Render of skovsporet apartments

The walls feature coated plywood panels that seamlessly integrate with built-in shelving, presenting both form and function. Dominating the backdrop is an expansive glass window that beautifully frames the verdant garden view. Enhancing the brightness of the space, an elongated skylight punctuates the acoustic ceiling, inviting daylight to stream in. The space allows a sofa optimally positioned to offer outdoor viewing.

Render of apartment interior
Render of apartment interior

Village atmosphere

Apartment floorplan drawing

Shaping the community

There are 36 student apartments, divided into 6 clusters with 6 apartments each. Every unit boasts a full kitchen, study area, lounge with sofa, bathroom with shower, and a spacious double bed. Additionally, each apartment features expansive roof windows.

Illustration of cross-section of apartment